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Apple 1 Software


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Loading Programs Into Your Apple 1

Apple Command Line Format Programs

The following software is in Apple command line format and can by typed in or easily downloaded using a serial keyboard adapter or other serial port.

Apple 1 Basic

From Vince of Briel Computers
The basic manual is on Applefritter:
The code:

Memory Test

 A port I did - the link has all the details

Hello World

From mmphosis, posted on Applefritter
This one would be easy to type in manually


By Dave Schmenk, posted on Applefritter
Who said that there was no graphics capability on the Apple 1.

BASIC Programs

The following software is in text format and can by typed in or easily downloaded using a serial keyboard adapter once Basic is loaded and running.


Bob Bishop - published in "Interface Age", May 1977

Wendell Sander has a Star Trek version in audio format on his site - I haven't checked to see if this is a different port.


This is an AIFF version of the Apple monitor format file that can be found on 
To load
Last bytes
0F 44 
To run

It took me a bit of debugging using Virtual II's inspector and a Wozanium ROM image to figure out the commands.
G - new Game
CR(carriage return) - tells computer to move  (other commands do not requite a carriage return)
R - Reverse sides
yxyxM = Move piece from position y,x to position y,x - computer confirms by printing proposed move
L - resign and start over
Q - Quit and return to monitor
P - Print current board

Type G to start a new game, once it gives you the checkmate message.

The game basically works, but it's not without user interface and other quirks -  like it apparently doesn't know when it has won.

AIFF Sound Files

AIFF sound files can be loaded into your Apple 1 with an iPod and an Apple Cassette Interface

Command line to AIFF converter

I have developed an Apple command line format to AIFF converter.  If you have an Apple 1 program in this Apple command format  and an Apple Cassette Interface, you can load it into your Apple 1 using 3 easy steps.

  1. convert it to AIFF
  2. move it to your iPod
  3. download it to your Apple 1 from your iPod using the Apple Cassette Interface.

The Command Line To AIFF Converter

C program.  Download source code here:  toaiff.c

  • only tested on Macintosh OS/X (PPC version)
  • should be easily portable to other platforms with POSIX support - type sizes might need to be adjusted, though
  • this version will only write one continous segment
  • for multiple segments,  run  program for each segment seperately and name so music player will play one after another
  • compile in a terminal window using the command: cc toaiff.c -o toaiff

To convert

  1. put the Apple command line program in same directory as the toaiff program
  2. type command: ./toaiff inputfilename outputfilename
  3. make sure the output file name ends in .aif
  4. copy to itunes and load on your favorite music player
  5. volume setting on iPod should be turned to about 3/4 of full volume
  6. connect output to apple ACI
  7. enter Apple 1 monitor commands to load program, as if you were connected to a cassette player
  8. play sound file, just like you are playing a cassette recorder to load a program
  9. check last two bytes - they should match last two bytes in program
  10. if it fails to load properly try adjusting music player volume


Example Sound File

This is my Apple 1 memory test converted to aif format using this program:  a1mt.aif

More Programs in AIFF Format

Wendell Sander has a number of programs in AIFF audio format on his site

The Brutal Deluxe Archive

More Apple 1 and Apple II AIFF files can be found on this page